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A quick guidance to Top Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile applications are the power behind tablets and smartphones, which actually have a noticeable importance covering the overall tech consumer base. Research shows that many people have desired to do their internet surfing and time killing, as well as accomplishing important work from their mobile devices. Which means that it is becoming a lot more likely to see someone with a phone or a tablet than it is to identify them with a laptop computer, much less a desktop computer.

Nowadays, being a mobile app developer could be a very profitable job, but not all apps give the same. You can’t expect to just put whatever on the app store and get wealthy right away, or become extremely popular for that matter. Like anything else that is establishing a lot of attention, mobile apps are broken into categories and types, and several are more popular than others. Knowledge about top mobile app development trends are very important for any developer to keep up with future.

AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality apps are one of the trends we can expect to see much more of,in coming years. These apps will a boost in popularity, much more so than just before, because of the advancements made to the necessary technology. There plenty of ways to use augmented reality in a mobile environment, ranging from entertainment and ways to provide video games (like Pokémon GO, the incredibly popular AR mobile game that has had a huge impression across the world) to apps like ‘InkHunter’, which helps you to merge the app’s performance with your phone’s camera, to test out various tattoos and find out how they would appear before choosing to actually get them inked in.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Although still in its starting phase, virtual reality, which is distinct from augmented reality, helps you to explore concepts and places from a first individual point of view, providing you an immersion feeling. The entire point of virtual reality is to help you make feel like you’re actual there. It is accomplished by using special VR headsets and with the increasing popularity and user desire for the technology, with several headsets as well as applications for VR currently on the market. Virtual reality will most likely be a target for the forthcoming year.

Location Apps

The focus in location based mobile applications will continue to develop into the upcoming year. With the immense accessibility to GPS technology available worldwide through, it is incredibly easy for mobile phones all over the world to stay connected. Several tech leaders have developed location based technology recently.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are actually websites developed by business, which are intended to be recognized and have the top quality and visual aspects of mobile apps. The reputation of mobile apps is being infused into the internet itself, and 2017 will most likely experience a growth of PWAs that transform traditional browsing into websites with a mobile app format.

Streaming applications

Streaming technology is also on a growth, we can expect a lot more apps that concentrate on streaming content much like how Netflix or even YouTube provide content streaming on a mobile platform. This will be more enhanced by users preferring to stream content instead of get physical or even digital offline copies of their favorite movie or TV shows.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps launched by Google not that long ago, instant apps advice a new way of using mobile apps. The entire thing revolves around not downloading apps at all, but rather using them straight from the internet. The initiative is promoted as having an app just when it’s needed and absolute have larger market effect next year.


In result, a few mobile app profiles will benefit from the upcoming year in a traditional “supply and demand” type of way but upped a notch for the current times focused around the fast delivery of cutting edge content, if possible, while delivering a thrill. There are other app categories that will see a continuous increase of volume, but these are some of the ones you can look forward to.

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