Cancellation & Refund Policy

In the event of dissatisfaction from the services, customers hold the flexibility to terminate their projects and ask for a refund from us. Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will likely be as the following:

Flexus Solutions offers this refund policy to explain situations when Flexus may issue a refund, the procedure for claiming reimbursement for a purchase and the liabilities of a company regarding a purchase ending within a refund claim. By subscribing to any of our services, you are saying that you’ve read and agree to all the terms and conditions defined in this refund policy.


Coverage & Scope


This refund policy addresses managing refunds by Flexus Solutions and/or a website owned and operated by Flexus Solutions.


This refund policy will not apply to the solutions/programs/source codes of firms that Flexus Solutions doesn’t own or control, or of persons that Flexus doesn’t employ or control, which includes any third-party service and/or product providers limited by contract as well as any third-party websites to which Flexus Solutions website link.


Submitting a complaint


Flexus Solutions considers that all projects begin with a completed task in mind. As a result, all feasible efforts of peacefully working out a mutually appropriate option needs to be a top priority in the event of unsatisfying services. A refund is often the last option which may be used when situations are definitely not working out.


Eventually, our objective is always to a attain a mutually acceptable option. In case you are unhappy unconditionally which has triggered you to think of filing a refund claim, please consider a couple of minutes to email to us at to start a discussion prior to requesting a refund.


Refund claims must only be filed when we’re not able to reach a mutually acceptable solution.


Website/Mobile APP Development


Our company offers a wide-ranging portfolio that you can view prior to hiring us for the project so that you can understand the level of quality of our work and grow totally secure working together with us. When you have any queries or bookings, please contact us before you make a payment for the services. Thank you!

Payments for custom web design projects are made to us in steps as services are satisfying to the client. Once a payment or down payment is made, it is actually non-refundable. In case a project is canceled or postponed, all payments paid are kept by Flexus Solutions LLC and if applicable, a cost for all work finished beyond what was already paid for should be paid by the customer.


Digital Marketing


Client understands, acknowledges, and confirms that Flexus Solutions doesn’t have control over the guidelines of search engines like google or web directories with regards to the type of sites and/or content which they agree to now or in the near future.

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