Web design & development Process

Our Web design & development Process is Simple
& Very Effective

Communication & Consultation

The first & most important step is to consult our clients and understand their requirements in detail. Based on the initial discussion, we document every functionality called SRS (Software Requirement Specification). The document includes a detailed description of all the pages along with the sitemap and Flow Chart. We share all the details with our clients and are always open to make the changes as required.



We make sure that our client approves the SRS before we move forward to our Web Design & Development Process.

Web Design &Amp; Development Process

Mockup Designing

We take all our designs the most important factor to build any brand. Based on the initial discussion and competitor analysis, our designers share the best design for your project. Be it a Website, Mobile app or in-house software, our team ensures that designs are stylish, user-friendly and easy to navigate.


The correct color palette makes it all possible for us to share the best design explaining your concept. We give our clients endless chances to make changes to the initial Web Design design shared. We keep making the changes unless our client is sure to move forward to the next phase.

Mockup Designing By Flexus Solutions

Programming & Development

Programming makes your concept come into reality. All the designs approved by clients in the last phase are shared with our programming team. A team of developers is assigned to the project including Coders, Database Analysts and Quality Analysts.


All our programmers ensure they follow the best practice while writing the codes. All the codes are properly commented on for any future reference and resolve any issues quickly. We code the project in phases and so our clients are shared with updates to keep us on the same track. We begin the next phase once we have approval from our client.

Programming &Amp; Development By Flexus Solutions Llc

Testing & Launch

Testing is likewise a very important phase of any project development. We have a team of quality testers responsible for coordinating with the team on the project and making sure that each code is properly functioning and is not hackable. Testing teams give their report to designers & developers to overcome any mistake with the project.


Once a final testing report is clear of any bugs, we move to our last phase of the project i.e. Launch. While launching the project, we handle everything related to the server. We upload all the files, set up the database and connect all the files required to run the project. With development involving mobile apps, we upload all the files to the respective play stores. Once the project is ready for the launch, our testing team one more time ensures that everything is working fine.

Flexus Solutions Llc Website Testing Launch By Flexus Solutions

Maintain & Promote

After we launch the website, we provide a free 1-month support to all our clients. After the support time is over, it’s up to the client if we should maintain the website or not. If we maintain the site, we keep updating the functionality to keep customers engaged on the site. We ensure that the website is running all the time and in case of an emergency, our team rectifies the issue immediately.


We can also help you with the promotion of the website. With a team of professional digital marketers, we can help you build a customer audience. The promotion of the website will help you build a position on the search engines.

Website Maintain
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