Ios Vs Android Development

IOS vs Android Development

A lot of companies find it difficult to choose what platform they should use to build up their app. From a financial perspective, the iOS platform regularly generates more revenue than Android but there is much more in it and we need to search more deeply to understand the significance of each platform and how and when to create apps for Android and iOS. It is very important to understand IOS vs Android Development.


Android at present has the biggest worldwide stage share, with a specific prominence in lower income areas and developing countries. Similarly, iOS clients regularly have a higher income, advanced education levels, greater engagement, and spend more per application. That clearly does not imply that the individuals who have those same characteristics won’t convey an Android gadget. Instead, this information is suggestive of the general Android population.

Revenue Models

The revenue models behind Android and iOS are genuinely illustrative of the strategies for Google and Apple. Android has a higher rate of ad-supported applications where similarly, paying for applications is still more common on iOS. Ample information indicates iOS applications procure more income, with that number being 70% more in 2016. The previous point also suggested at iOS consumers being worth more overall.

Release Cycles

In spite of the fact that Android is open source, unfortunately it is secured by carriers and OEMs. That is the reason Android regularly lags behind iOS as far as selection rate of its most recent OS version.

On iOS, you can concentrate on supporting the most update version of the operating system with relative assurance your application will in any case have an expansive reach. That focus permits developers to create against more current APIs, quit supporting older gadgets sooner, and generally, decreases testing and improvement process durations.

Development Speed

How quickly you can get your app to promote is always a primary concern when developing an app. Generally, it can take 3-4 times longer for Android development compared to iOS development. Why? It has to do with system release cycles and something generally known as Android fragmentation.

Android fragmentation in other words is that Android devices arrive in all shapes and sizes as well as with massive differences in functionality levels and screen sizes. Another element of Android fragmentation is that there are various versions of Android that are working simultaneously. This means an app that will function over the whole range of Android devices can be very time-consuming and difficult for a developer. Thus, it’s essential to think about timeframes before you outsource app development.

There is another aspect to the pace of development, and that relates to the release and authorization process. Apple’s approval process is quicker. Most apps can get updated 3-4 times a month on an average.

App Costs

An essential consideration in identifying which platform to develop for or to build for first is how much it costs to make an app. The more time it requires to build up an app the higher the cost. In the case of Android apps, the longer development time means developing for Android will carry higher upfront costs. When you put together this with the fact that Android apps generate lower revenues than iOS. From a cost point of view, iOS is less expensive to develop and will likely generate more revenue.

Tablet vs iPad Apps

It’s at least really worth mentioning the complete importance of iOS in the tablet industry, especially for business people. While tablet sales might have slowed down, you’ll be challenged to discover an Android tablet in a conference room or on the desk of any executive. Only fairly technical people appear to have Android tablets. It’s normal that somebody may have an Android smartphone however utilize an iPad as their favored tablet.

Ios Vs Android Development

Choosing Your App development Platform

At this point you may have guessed that generally, it is more profitable and simpler to begin building apps for iOS because they earn more, you can get your app to market more quickly, and price of mobile app development is lower. Another essential reason for starting out using the iOS platform is that when you’re creating a new app there is an essential understanding curve to know very well what is functioning and what is not. If you have to do that across two platforms or even for Android development platform only, which is a lot more difficult because fragmentation, it makes app development prohibitive concerning both cost and time

When your company is a start-up and your capital is fixed, then iOS is the perfect place to start because it’s not only less expensive iOS also provides another advantage to businesses and that is influencers and PR. For more click on your app, the probability is much better when you develop for iOS.

If your market is in an establishing country or a lower income region, then it is sensible, to begin with Android since they visit app stores for Android more frequently. One more reason for beginning with Android is when you are designing an element of the Android operating system that is not accessible on iOS such as the particular hardware the app will run on.

When is it time for you to shift to another platform? An expansion is a major reason for moving to a different platform. When you have exhausted or strike a crucial mass on one platform, then you can focus on the audience demographic of a second platform to raise your total number of consumers.


We hope the information involved in the consideration process is effective enough. In case you have other information while addressing this subject, get more updated data, other scenarios worth mentioning, or anything else that can help answer this question, drop us an email and we’ll update the post if it’s really worth sharing. We really hope IOS vs Android Development article will help you start your business & choose the right technology.

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