Food Delivery App for Restaurants

Are you a restaurant owner and thinking to invest in online food delivery app? If the answer is Yes, then you should be aware of the latest statistics of Online Food Delivery industry to start your business:

  • Overall worldwide earnings in Online Food Delivery sector amounts to USD 95,413 million in 2019.
  • The biggest industry segment in online food delivery is restaurant-to-consumer delivery.
  • By 2023, it is predicted that online food delivery requests will increase by 11.9% as compared to 8.9% in 2019.

How do you plan a Business model for Online Food Delivery app?

There are mainly two types of businesses in the online food delivery industry. One,  it’s mainly the restaurants to customers and second,  is portal to customers. More and more customers are ordering food online as they are not required to interact with people needlessly to order food. Customers just want to select the desired food to order from online menu, make payment and wait for the delivery in time. So, having a mobile food delivery app makes sense for your business. If you want to get more customers locally, you should consider having a food delivery app for your restaurant.

Essential features of Food Delivery App

Before you decide to move forward with the development of an app for your restaurant, you must be aware of your competitors. Try and do some research on what you’re competitors are offering? Do they have an app for deliver food to their customers? What makes them so likable by customers? These answers will let you decide on what points you need to cover to make your app more better and successful.

Take a look at some of the important features your app should have.

User-friendly design

While designing an online food delivery app, you must be very serious about the look and feel of the app. When a user downloads your app from a store, it should be really easy for them to use it. There should be an introductory Splash Screen to describe your restaurant. The screens can have High Quality images with your Logo showcased. The design of the app must be easy to understand and navigate. If customers find it difficult to use your app in terms of find the menu or registering or even ordering the food items, they might switch to your competitor. If you don’t want to loose your customers, pay a lot of attention during the designing phase. Use nice color palette to look professional yet attractive.

Impressive Menu to show your food items

Your customers have downloaded your app because they like your food and wants to order what they like. It is quite essential for you to share your food items in very nice style. Show all the food categories on your app to your customers to find the right food items to order. Show all the food cuisines you offer at your restaurant. All the categories must have proper description and images. The food items should be in the right category showcasing multiple photos, price, description or even a video to explain more in detail. Always offer the Special Treat of The Day.

Easy Registration & Checkout

After the customer have added the desired food items in the basket, its time to checkout with easy registration. Registration should not be tricky. You should give an option to use Social Media Login Credentials to register in few minutes. Mostly used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, giving quick access to login to your app. These days registration via phone number is also an easy way to subscribe to the app. Customer have to enter the phone number to receives an OTP (One Time Password). Once the OTP is entered, they can provide the rest information by filling a simple form. After successful registration to your app, user must be able to provide the delivery address using the current GEO location of the phone or self suggested address offered by Google maps. This makes your app really fast and easy.

Secured Payment Options

Payment security is one of the top concerns in online food delivery app. As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you offer secured payment mode for your customers while ordering the food. User must have different payment modes like PayPal, Credit Card/Debit Card and COD (Cash on Delivery) to order as per their convenience. After the successful payment, user must receive a receipt of the order placed.

Live Order Tracking

Any online food delivery app should offer live order tracking feature to customer. The person ordering food items would certainly prefer to know the status of their delivery. Live tracking system enables your customer to plan his/her schedule accordingly. Fast order delivery the key to your success. As a restaurant owner, you must ensure timely delivery of the ordered food.

Promotions & Coupons Codes

Customers always like to get discounts on the food they are ordering. To increase your sales, you must offer discounts and promotional coupon to your regular and new customers. It would be great to share food deals on weekends as a lot of users order food on weekends. Offers make your customers visit the app on frequent basis. Try and offer free food or high percentage discounts to new users of the app to increase the repeat business.

Push Notifications

Push notifications is definitely the best practice to to offer daily deals and coupon codes. But it is very important to use these push notifications in a right way. If you don’t use this feature, you might loose your customers to order on frequent basis or if you use the feature too much may result in loosing the client. The best way to use the Push Notification is to let the customer decide it. Give access to your customers to receive the notification when they want it or if they want it.


If you’re a restaurant owner and not offering the food delivery app to your customers, you are loosing a lot of more business. If you want some help with the development of your mobile app, you must consider the Top Mobile app Development Company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Flexus Solutions, LLC is a Indiana based company that can help you with your iOS mobile app development and Android app development requirements.