Important Points to Consider While Creating an Ecommerce Website

Important Points to Consider While Creating an Ecommerce Website

For most of the store owners, designing an eCommerce website is quite complicated. A lot of points are to be considered from website performance to user engagement. Designing a corporate website is quite easy, whereas an online shopping store comes with its own challenges.

To begin with, eCommerce sites are designed not just to inform or to display your brand online, but they’re also developed for your customers to shop online. For this reason, designers must make sure that the website is user-friendly and simple to make sales. Without sales, the entire website loses its objective. Today a lot of people are shopping online and they prefer keep doing it. It saves time, efforts and money. The product they are looking for is easily available on the internet at a lesser price than at the store.

We are one of the Top eCommerce website development company in Indianapolis. We have created a lot of online stores for our customers across United States. This article will help you understand points that are very important to consider if you’re planning to launch your own online store.

So, Let’s begin:

1. Website design should match with your products

Before designing the website, it is very essential to consider what type of products you’re selling. Uniformity is important for your site to perform well. Maintaining your design consistent with what you’re selling completes the overall look and feel of the site. When designing, ensure that everything from pictures, colors, to textual content, completely describes your products. For instance, In case your website is selling toys for kids, your design need to look fun and colorful. And if your website is selling electronic items, your website look and feel should be modern and professional.

Design of the site should describe your products nicely. During the designing phase of your site, be sure to check the competitor’s site as well. Any flaws in their sites, will help you overcome those points on yours.

2. Describe the products with pictures & content

The main concept of having an eCommerce site is to sell your products. But what attracts customers to buy it from you? “Right Product Description & Product Pictures”. Customers always want to read more about the items you’re selling to be sure before they buy it. Using the high quality images is always an add-on but quite essential too. By displaying quality pictures, your potential customers can easily see how good the item looks in actual.

For better functionality, pick a layout that highlights your products in each and every web page. It shouldn’t be hard for them to find the right product. Not enough information could make shoppers leave and reach to other websites. Also, show the related products that other customers purchased along with the one they are seeing. This will help you increase your sales by 70%. Do not share any false information about the product. Showcase your product with correct details like size, color, weight thickness, cut & fit (for clothes), and any other information they should know before they decide to buy the item from your site.


3. Shopping Cart Design

If you’re customer has decided to purchase the product from you, the shopping cart design should be really simple and easy. It should allow the customers to go back to you site anytime while they are still looking for other products and yet be easy to come back from where they left. In our experience, we have seen that 45% customers leave the site without purchasing the in-cart item as they find it difficult. Do not make that mistake. A great shopping cart can allow customers to add multiple products, revise order, or remove products as quickly as it can be. When designing a shopping cart, ensure that you include functional product images, reviews, along with a handy search bar.

Your checkout process can either help you increase your sales or could lead your customers to other websites.

Shopping Cart Design

4. Easy Checkout Process

Now when your customer has added everything to their cart, the next big step is for them to checkout with correct information. A lot of online shopping websites do require the customers to register with them before purchasing an item. It really helps them to keep the customers involved with the site. The site owners can send notifications, newsletters and promotional coupons to get repeat customers. But sometimes, customer doesn’t want all of that. He/she wants to purchase the item for just onetime and doesn’t want to be contacted again. Guest Checkout, solves the problem. Guest checkout lets the shopper to share the basic details like contact information, shipping details, billing details and payment mode to buy a product just for one time. This indeed is a very important feature for any eCommerce company to include in their site.

In many cases, a user decides to register on the site to be able to track the delivery of the product, have access to all invoices paid/unpaid, to cancel the product or even to access the products in whishlist that they decide to buy later etc. The registration process should be easy for the customers. It should show the products in cart, type of checkout (Guest or Register), Billing and shipping details, payment mode & total amount to be paid. All of the information should be in one place for customer to do a quick checkout. Below is a good example of fast checkout.

Easy Checkout Process

5. Try n offer Free Shipping

A lot of online shopping sites offer the free shipping to attract the customers. If you’re charging an additional amount for shipping, you might loose few customers. Contact one shipping agency to handle all your product shipping. This will help you know that price you need to show to your customers that is including the shipping cost. Even if customer is required to pay a shipping amount, it should be lower than the other sites offering the same product at lower price. Higher the shipping rates, lower are the chances for customer to checkout.

Free Shipping

6. Offer all possible payment options

As a site owner, you never know the payment mode customer could use while checking out. So, you have to offer all the possible payment options. A lot of companies, focuses on being paid by Credit Card and they ignore PayPal as an important payment option. For a customer, it is very essential to keep the payment details secured and never be used without his/her consent.

Having a lot of payment options means you are taking care of all type of customers. COD (Cash on Delivery) is an option that is offered by a lot of shopping websites and truly increases the sales. If you can offer the COD, don’t be scared to include the option on your site. By thinking of your customer’s payment choice, you are able to grow their trust to shop with you thereby increasing your revenue eventually.

7. Show customer’s reviews & ratings

Without having proof that somebody bought successfully or loved your website nobody is ever going to put their trust in you. If you’re not able to show what our past customer experienced while shopping with you, this is a great loss in online shopping industry. You have to make your consumers believe that you’re safe to shop for any product.

Send out Feedback forms every single time to your customers who purchased  items from your site. Ask for a real feedback and post it on your site. A review with actual picture, First & Last name shows its genuineness.

customer's reviews & ratings

8. Fastest Customer Services

After sales services are very important in eCommerce industry. After a product is purchased by the customers, It comes to the store owner to ensure all the information is passed to the customer. To have a great customer services, you should make sure of the following:

Fastest Customer Services

Send Proper Emails: Once the customer has bought an item from your store, make sure they receive an automated confirmation mail of the purchase. The email should have all the details of the purchased product elaborated properly. If the customer doesn’t receive an email, It gives a very bad impact on your brand and shows you’re not serious about your business.

Toll Free Contact Number: There are times when customers want to reach out to you not via email or a message, but they want to talk to someone over the phone. As they have purchased an item from your store, you are responsible to help them with any queries they might have. Offer a Toll Free Number as a gesture to be you customer. The waiting time should be less and customers should be able to speak to someone real fast.

Delivery Notifications: Keep customer updated with the delivery of the product. Customer should be able to track the exact location of his product. Send SMS and emails to keep your client updated. This makes a good impression on your client and enhances the possibility of shopping again from your store. After the successful delivery of the product, send a feedback form via email or SMS to know about their experience.

Contact Information: You should share your company’s physical locations (if more than one), customer care number, Google map for directions etc. on your site. This will help your customers build trust on your brand.


We hope this article will help you understand the importance of running an online eCommerce store and points to be taken care of. Are your planning to start your own online store and looking for affordable eCommerce development Prices, contact Flexus Solutions, An eCommerce development experts. You should also consider offering a eCommerce Mobile app for your customers to keep them engaged on your site.

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