Difference Between Static And Dynamic Websites

Difference Between Static And Dynamic Websites

A lot of customers don’t know Difference Between Static And Dynamic Websites and We’re sure this article will definitely be of great help.

While speaking with clients, we have experienced a lot many times; that clients are never sure of the kind of website they want to go with. So we are writing this blog to educate our viewers about the Static & Dynamic websites. We are all acquainted with that site pages are the principle stages of a site where we discover all the data in regards to an item or services. Indeed, the website is, for the most part, the accumulation of website pages.

Customers who are not acquainted with web technology regularly misjudge these two terms to be specific static website pages and dynamic pages. Profound information of both term is important before comprehension the contrast between them.

Static Websites

In most straightforward terms, static Web pages are those with content that can’t change without a designer/developer altering its source code. Static websites contain fixed number of pages and format of site page is altered which conveys data to the customer. A static website doesn’t change. It’s usually the combination of Html, CSS, and possibly Javascript files that are served by a simple webserver. In web innovation, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) was the primary dialect or channel by which developers began to make static web pages. There are many advantages of the static web page in the sense that they are quick and cheap to develop and there hosting is also inexpensive.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic Websites are fit for delivering distinctive content for various guests from the same source code file. The website can show diverse content in light of what working framework or program the guest is utilizing, whether he/she is utilizing a PC or a cell phone, or even the source that alluded the guest. A dynamic Web page is not as a matter, of course, superior to a static Web page. The two essentially fill diverse needs. Dynamic websites give users the access to Add/Edit/Delete content from the website through an interactive web interface. The pages can be added through the web interface without altering any source codes.

Major Points to differentiate Static & Dynamic Websites


Static WebsitesDynamic Websites
The number of pages are fixed.There is no limit on creating the web pages. The pages are created dynamically.
Theme, Color Scheme and content of the web pages is always fixed. Website theme, color scheme and content can be changed through web interface.
Static Websites are very fast as it has only some content on the server.Dynamic websites are little slower than the static websites as the content on the server is more.
Static websites do not require a database.Dynamic websites do require a database. It dynamically created the database queries.
Static websites are only used to deliver the information about the services/products. No other activities can be performed on the static websites.Dynamic websites can be used for any purpose. A lot of agencies uses dynamic sites to completed their business process and engage customers/employees/visitors.
Static websites can run on any server and doesn’t require any specific technology as they are the combination of HTML & CSS. Dynamic websites do require specific server as the coding language can be PHP, ASP.NET, JSP etc.
Static websites are really easy to develop and can be created by anyone. Dynamic websites requires a good understanding of the code language. It is not easy and can’t be done by a less experienced developer/designer.
Static websites are really cheap as it only requires couple of hours to create the pages. Dynamic website cost varies from functionality to functionality. Their cost is ofcourse higher than the static websites as the purpose here is to develop a process that works as required.


In our opinion, we believe that it’s always best to have a Dynamic Websites. Finding the right CMS Website Development Company may solve all your problems. Discuss the requirements and a company’s consultant can solve all your matters.

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