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Being a mobile app development company has given us the unique possibility to assist many company owners and enterprises. Most of them have shared testimonies of investing large amounts of their time and funds to create their application the perfect it could be.

Building an application unwraps another channel through which you are able to communicate with your clients. A haven in which your devoted customers always has access to you in a single click. Your app can be a space completely personalized to their requirements. The issue most of the time isn’t the application itself, instead, it is the essential step usually missed right after the app is created, that is certainly it’s promotion.

We have collected few tried and proven techniques to direct you in promoting your app successfully. These steps will only cost you some time and we’re certain that when you follow them, you’ll have a significant rise in a number of followers and downloads then you’ve right now.

Let’s get started!

1) Website

You’ll need a web-based presence for your app. The reason why? Authenticity. Customers need to know your app is definitely the real-deal, and that you’re truly committed to being a company.

For enterprise brands, your app must be prominently showcased across your website. It shouldn’t be a simple website with just a logo or an image. Instead, it should have a very good presence throughout, wherever it makes sense to. A good example is exhibited in the image.

2) App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store optimization, or ASO, is definitely the SEO of the mobile app world. It’s essential for discoverability within an over saturated marketplace. How do you execute solid ASO? Observe the following:

App name – Is it unique?
Keywords -Include related keywords and phrases but take care not to ‘keyword stuff’
Description – Does your information clearly state your app’s importance and is it regularly updated with app update information and release notes?
Screenshots/Video – Have you got 2-3 feature screenshots or perhaps a video tutorial describing core app features?
Ratings – Are there positive app ratings?

App Store Optimization (ASO)

3) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is really a necessity for app marketing. The two main approaches to connect with your customers via social- paid and organic. Here is a quick overview of both:

ORGANIC – Organic promotion on social media is available in the straightforward way of having a profile; e.g. a Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram profiles. Create accounts and begin following customers in your target market and industry. Don’t spam people by being extremely promotional. Rather, try and get connected to your target audience in a substantial way by posting concerning points they are concerned about and joining in on the discussion.

PAID – In accordance with a 2018 report by a tech magazine, mobile app ad click-through rates (CTRs) increased 32% YoY, while the inverse happened to CPC (cost per click), which decreased by 33%. Investing a chunk of funds behind your app marketing will improve your discoverability and acquire a lot more people joining up on your app. Because of the broad audiences and talent to segment, Facebook and Instagram are incredible advertisement platforms for mobile phone applications. And since Facebook owns Instagram, they make it extremely easy to place app install ads on both.

4) Public Relations

It is said there’s no such thing as bad press except if your press is non-existent. Press and influencer brings up greatly assist when it comes to building hype and trustworthiness. There are lots of approaches to go about doing this, but here are just a couple to think about:

Press release
Sponsor a kick off party and invite the local media and tech industry
Interviews with community magazines and tech bloggers
Guest blogging

5) Search Ads

This one is quite hassle-free. With the launch of iOS 10, Apple also announced Search Ads, which is simply paid advertisement within the App Store. Basically, you’re in a position to place a bid for appropriate key phrases in order that whenever a user is trying to find apps using a particular phrase, your application shows up first.

6) Standard Advertising/In-Store

Address your app just like a standard product launch. How can you advertise it? It’s quite normal to see app ads on television or while streaming content online. If you’re a retail brand having a geographic location, it’s vital to promote your app throughout your shop. Think about running a campaign to acquire consumers to download it.

7 ) Word of mouth/buzzworthy

Last but certainly not least? Ensure that your app doesn’t suck. Seriously. Word of mouth marketing is still worth its weight in gold. When you build an application, it better be great. Levels of competition are brutal, and app users are becoming spoiled by these world-class apps. This is exactly why before you decide to spend money on acquiring app users, you need to invest in a mobile marketing platform that offers you the insights essential to interact and retain your customers or you’ll risk a high rate of user turn.

There’s a saying, “Build Something, and they will adapt it” really doesn’t work in today’s app world seeing the competition. Consumers count on an extremely customized experience which comes to apps, and if you intend to keep people around and recognize their true lifetime worth, your mobile app marketing better be on point.

Final Thoughts

As we discussed, the sky is the limit when it comes to app promotion. Address it like every traditional product launch and spend some time organizing a good app user acquisition approach. Keep in mind that the quality of app users you draw in on your app is a lot more important compared to quantity. Ensure that you recognize your audience, and build your advertisements appropriately.

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