A Guide To Help You Start Your Own Mobile App

A Guide To Help You Start Your Own Mobile App

In year 2019, we are spending most of our time on Mobile phones trying to make our life easier. There are several apps that help us manage our day-to-day lifestyle and we are completely dependent on them. So, where does these app come from? Why mobile app development companies are spending so much time and money on making our life easier? The simple answer to these queries is: “To Make a Lot of Money”. Every app that you have installed on your phone or you use on daily basis, does offer premium services to take money out of your pocket. More customers using with app, generates more revenue to the company.

Being a Mobile app development company in Indianapolis, we have helped several start-ups and small businesses by bring more customers download their mobile apps resulting in increased revenue.

Are you planning to build an app for your business and not sure, what factors you should consider? Read this article and you’ll have a clear picture on your right approach. So, below are some common challenges for start-up companies to consider before starting to develop a successful mobile application.

1. Explore A Unique Idea to Get Noticed

As you’re aware of the current market situation, there is a lot of competition involved in mobile application industry. A lot of bigger firms have already covered most of the essential apps required by daily customers. Some of them are Shopping Applications Like, Walmart, BestBuy, Amazon and some are Social Media Apps like, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. Because customers are completely involved in using these applications, it is very difficult to launch an app with similar features.

So, how to plan & create an app that gets noticed?

The best way to solve this issue is to look for that one problem that you face in your day-to-day life. Are you having some trouble managing anything? If you know the problem, there’s always a solution. Look for an app that resolves your issues. If there’s nothing like that on the internet, that could be your idea to move forward it. But before you do that, ask your friends and family if they are having the same trouble as you are and if they will consider using your solution to make their life easier. If, the answer is Yes, you’re good to go with your unique idea. Remember to make an app that makes life easy, effective and pleasant for your customers.

Explore A Unique Idea to Get Noticed

2. Raise A Funding

Before, you decide to connect with any experienced mobile app development company to help you build your concept, it is very important for you to check your funding status. Mobile app development costs much more than creating a simple site for your business. Most of the start-ups drop the plan during the development phase because of the lack of funding available. This will result in getting nothing. You may loose the money you have invested so far and because the development is not complete, you may not be able to raise the funding.

In our experience, we have seen a lot of individual coming up with great ideas that they want to implement but in most of the cases, development cost is the major problem.

How to raise the funding?

Use, your own money for startup. No investor will be happy to invest with you if you don’t want to use your money from your savings. Create a Business plan, invest in creating a video demonstration of your concept and have wireframes of the app ready. This way you can attract most of the angle investors. The other way around is that you can contact your friends & family members and in exchange for some stakes in your company you can demand investment in your concept. This is very common and majorly done by most of new start-ups.

Once you have the initial funding available, move forward with the next step.

3. Choosing Right Mobile App Development Agency

This is definitely the most important phase for an individual to find the right development partner. There are many mobile app development companies in the market, that offer similar services but at different hourly rates. So, to keep your project within your budget, you should explore for companies within your reach, have proven experience in building the successful mobile apps and have verified testimonials from existing customers.

Being a Top Mobile APP Development Company in Indianapolis, we have acquired and worked with some of the major agencies in United States. We are often asked a question, is it a problem that the development company is not located within their area of reach? The answer to this question is that “It is never a problem”.

These days, all the IT related work can be accomplished over the phone, emails or even on video conferences. So, if it is cost effective to build your mobile application from a remote area, you should consider the option.

If you have chosen a company, try and understand their mobile app development process. You should be aware of the process the company is going to follow to complete the app within the set timeframe and budget. In a lot of cases, mobile app developers raise the price after starting the project if anything new comes up. Always, read company’s Refund policy and TOS (Terms of Services).

After confirming everything with the development agency, sign a formal contract to lock the cost, time frame and functionality involved in completing your concept.

4. Choose the Best Graphic Design for Your App

App’s success is completely dependent on its look and feel. Most of the apps are downloaded by customers but because of its design, results in getting deleted in sometime. A great application happens when the application is easy and simple to utilize so that it offers a good experience to consumer.

Usually, the UI/UX designer will show you the Mock-up screens of the actual design for your app. Make sure to be 100% involved with each screen shared with you. Your feedback will matter the most because you have much more understanding towards the usage of the app than a designer.

Do more research on competitor’s & successful apps to know the best graphic elements that can make your app stand out of the competition. Choose the right color palettes and stick with it throughout the app. Show the mock-ups to you friends and family and consider their feedback to improve the usability of the app.

Lastly, make sure you have all the screens ready for the development phase of the app. This will help you know the exact functionality that will be incorporated after the app is complete.

Choose the Best Graphic Design for Your App

5. Build A Bug Free App with Clean Architecture

The success of an app completely relies on its usability.  As a Developer, it is his/her core responsibility to develop an app with clean architecture, well commented codes and latest technology. Using a pre-defined code architecture helps in identifying the bugs quickly and efficiently.

It is very important for your customers to never face a crash related to your app. Even a single default or bug in your app, can result in loosing a potential customer. Identifying the bugs should be easy and fast to keep your app working all the time. There are many popular architectures known in Mobile Development e.g. MVP (Model-View-Presenter), MVVM (Model-View-View-Model), and etc. You can always choose the best for your app and make your life easy.

While the development is in progress, make sure you have the access to see the functionality on your own device. Ask the app developer, to share the credentials for you to keep the app development on track.

Build A Bug Free App with Clean Architecture

6. Test, Test & Test Until Satisfied

After the complete development of the app, the critical and most useful step is to test your app on all devices. The Test technique must ensure that all the high quality and performance recommendations are fulfilled. A couple of tips in this area:

1) Selection of the devices – Evaluate the marketplace and select the devices that are popular. (This decision mainly depends on the customers. The customer or the app builders evaluate the popularity factor of certain devices along with the marketing and advertising needs for the application to choose what handsets to use for testing.)

2) Emulators – The usage of these is incredibly beneficial in the initial stages of development, because they allow fast and efficient testing of the app. The emulator is often a system that runs software from one environment to a different environment without altering the application itself. It duplicates the features and utilizes a real system.

Kinds of Mobile Emulators
Device Emulator- given by device manufacturers
Browser Emulator- simulates mobile browser environments.
Operating systems Emulator- Apple provides emulators for iPhones, Microsoft for Windows phones and Google Android phones

Mobile app testing

7. Launch Your APP Successfully

 After all the hard work and determination, we are at our final stage. Now is the time to launch your app. But are your really ready to launch your app? You have an appealing design of your app, the functionality serves the purpose and there are surely no Bugs involved. So, are you ready? We recommend to take one step down before you go for a launch.

In most of the case, after the completion of the app, app owner thinks of launching it without making a hype in the market. Before you launch the app, you should create a buzz among your customers which involves the marketing to attract more customers. So, what should you do?

The first step is to make sure you have the Marketing website ready for your app. The website should explain the purpose of the app with the help of an introductory video. Show, why customers should download your app and how it will make their life easier. Create good Search Engine optimized content for search engines to give credit to your app. Along with the app, you should create a social media awareness by creating the pages on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest etc.

Show a launch date on all the platforms and be ready to launch on the same date and time. Once you have your marketing in place, you’re ready for the launch and make some customers.

Mobile app launch

At last we would recommend to be very sure and confident during the complete cycle of the app development. Choosing the right Mobile app Development Agency is very critical but you should rely on your guts to move forward. So, go on now, find a solution to a common problem and get your app started today. A Guide To Help You Start Your Own Mobile App is written for startups and small business to pass common mistakes made by business owners.


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